Högdalen CHP plant

In Sweden, the Högdalen CHP-plant is a state-of-the-art facility for waste incineration. The plant produces electricity and district heating out of waste and other biofuels such as woodchips and treated industry waste.

Högdalen CHP plant in Sweden

In Stockholm the district heating and cooling is provided by Stockholm Exergi. The company is co-owned by Fortum and the City of Stockholm.

The Högdalen CHP-plant can handle 700,000 tonnes of waste per year. It produces 2,174 GWh heat and 197 GWh electricity yearly.

The plant has been used for waste incineration since 1970. The household waste was turned into electricity instead of landfill. When the district heating network grew in Stockholm it was decided to turn Högdalen into a combined heat and power plant. The plants two waste heated steam boilers was reinforced with an oil heated steam boiler in 1979. In the same year two oil heated hot water boilers was also constructed. In connection to the construction of the new heat production facilities the plant was connected to the local district heating.

The Högdalen CHP-plant produces heat for the south district heating network in Stockholm. The south district heating network is since 2007 connected to the central district heating network via pipes under Riddarfjärden in central Stockholm.