Joensuu CHP plant

In Finland the CHP plant Joensuu, completed in 1986, produces heat for the inhabitants of Joensuu and electricity. The main fuels of the power plant are wood and peat.

Joensuu CHP plant

Our first bio-oil plant

95 % of the heat need in Joensuu is covered by CHP plant. Several heating stations cover the rest. Fortum's first bio-oil plant was integrated to Joensuu CHP in 2013. This fast pyrolysis technology-based bio-oil plant is first of its kind in the world on an industrial scale. Fortum Otso bio-oil is produced from wood-based raw materials like forest residues, wood chips and sawdust. Bio-oil can replace heavy or light fuel oil at heat plants or steam production. The plant uses biomass, peat and biogas as fuels.


Fortum Power and Heat Oy, Joensuu power plant
Area manager: Timo Partanen
Iiksenvaarantie 2
FI-80260 Joensuu, Finland

Tero Mäntylä
Head of Production
Tel: +358 40 705 6452
[email protected]