Annual outage theme: Worksite planning

Loviisa NPP

The theme of the 2022 annual outage is job site planning. Things to take into consideration in the work planning:

  • Reservation of outdoor areas
  • Creation of the needed hoist plans
  • Anticipation of hoisting needs, e.g. polar meeting on weekday mornings
  • Verification of the required lifting points
  • Ordering and reserving the known spare parts, and haulage requests
  • Temporary switchgear needed at the job site
  • Safe routing of wires and hoses
  • Anticipation of the needed haulage, scaffolding and insulation work
  • Anticipation of the shoe boundaries and protections needed in the primary side
  • Advance agreement on the component decontamination needed in the primary side
  • Demarcation of the job site
  • Work safety inspections take into account, e.g.
    • possible foreign materials
    • structures to protect against falls into openings
    • sharp edges
    • protrusions into access routes that people can bump into
  • Warning signs related to elevated work
    • (Caution, overhead work in progress, etc.)
  • Protection required for hot work and their planning
  • Pre-job briefing with stakeholders
  • Post-job briefing, including collection of feedback
  • Upon completion of the work, take into account, e.g.
    • dismantling of scaffoldings
    • installation of insulation
    • haulage
    • final clean-up
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