Corona preparedness and safety

Loviisa employee safety

Loviisa power plant is preparing for the second annual outage work during the Covid-19 pandemic. We want to ensure safe working for everyone at the power plant and we are making arrangements for the upcoming annual outage so that the work can be carried out in a safe manner.

This year, too, the power plant is preparing for possible coronavirus outbreaks and the prevention of them with many different measures. Workers must be tested and possibly quarantined before their arrival to the power plant and before the work begins.

General Covid-19 procedures at the Loviisa power plant

Access arrangements

Those working in the plant area must use primarily the contractor/ outage gates. Office workers use the other turnstile line. The turnstiles have designated entrance and exit gates.

Sanitize hands

Hands must be sanitized in the turnstile before and after the fingerprint identifier/code reader.

In the cafeteria, hands must be sanitized before getting in the food line and in conjunction with removing a mask and putting on a new mask.

Wash hands regularly and use hand sanitizer as needed.

Practice social distancing

Social distancing of 2 meters must be practiced in every situation, including in the cafeteria and conference rooms.

Use a face mask

Wearing a face mask is mandatory at the plant. Single-use masks specified by Fortum are used at the plant; cloth masks are not permitted.

The primary recommendation is to use masks that cover the nose and mouth, but the use of a visor is also permitted. If you use a face visor, remember to clean it regularly. Visor use is not recommended in the cafeteria.

Getting sick or exposed

Never, under in any circumstances, come to the plant if you are ill. Moreover, don’t come to the plant if a close contact is diagnosed with coronavirus or there is a strong suspicion of a coronavirus infection. Contact your healthcare provider for further instructions.

Follow and comply with instructions from authorities

The coronavirus situation is constantly changing. Regularly follow the instructions provided by the authorities. THL’s website has an extensive, continuously updated information package also in English at

Three key concepts that contributed to last year’s successful annual outages:

  • Commitment
  • Working together towards a common goal
  • Adapting to the prevailing situation

You are the one responsible for following this guide. It is you whose actions affect how we prevent large chains of infection. Now is the time to care about yourself, your colleagues, your own family, people at risk and Finns' access to electricity during and after the exception. During annual maintenance, we can ensure that coronavirus infections do not spread to the Loviisa power plant.

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