Corona related testing and quarantine procedures


Foreign contractors

Upon arrival in Finland, the current guidelines of the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) are followed. Upon arrival in the country, a test in the home country is required less than 72 hours before the trip (17.5.2021).

0 days quarantine

The person has suffered from Covid-19 disease in the last 6 months and is able to present a medical certificate for this.

If an individual has been fully vaccinated at least two weeks prior to their arrival to the power plant, there is no need to quarantine. Although also in this case, a negative Covid-19 test result is required; read more in the section “Vaccinations”.

3 + 1 day quarantine procedure

Testing on arrival at Finland at the border and after 72 hours. A fourth day is set aside for obtaining the test result. It is possible to work at the Loviisa power plant if the test result is negative.

14 day quarantine procedure

Applicable in special cases or if the epidemic situation changes significantly.

The person arrives in Finland by staying in the accommodation village of the Loviisa power plant for 14 days or staying elsewhere in quarantine-like conditions. During the quarantine period, on about the 11th day, a corona test is performed. If the test result is negative, it is possible to work at the Loviisa power plant.


Vaccinations can replace a Covid-19 test or tests as a condition of entry into the country and also for obtaining an access permit. The conditions of entry into the country shall be in compliance with the border authority’s prevailing instructions. The vaccination certificate included in EU Digital COVID Certificate is acceptable proof of vaccination. The vaccine must have been approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Find out which vaccines are approved at EMA’s website.

For individuals arriving from abroad, the vaccines are recognised as shown in the table below.

  At home country At arrival to Finland In Finland
No vaccination Covid-19 test Covid-19 test Covid-19 test ***)
1 vaccine shot EU COVID PASS
vaccination sertificate **)
Covid-19 test Covid-19 test ***)
2 vaccine shots *) EU COVID PASS
vaccination sertificate **)
​​​​​​​vaccination sertificate **)
Covid-19 test ****)

*) Or one (1) shot of Johnsson&Johnsson vaccine, taken at least two weeks prior to arriving to Finland
**) The vaccine (1st or 2nd) must have been taken at least two weeks prior to arriving to Finland
***) After 72 hours from the first test in Finland, test organized by Fortum
​​​​​​​****) During the first 72 hours of stay in Finland (as quickly as practicable)

However, if the above procedure is in conflict with the border authority’s current instructions, the instructions of the border authority shall be followed for entry into the country.

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