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General employee training at annual outages 2021

Those coming to work at the Loviisa power plant must complete introductory training before obtaining a pass. Introductory training consists of a general part and a radiation protection part. The training is valid for three years, after which it must be renewed. In addition to introductory training, induction training is provided for employees of contractors coming for annual maintenance.

The general part

The general part can be completed online by registering on the Fortum training portal.

If the person already has the credentials, you can log in to the portal from this link.

It is possible to complete general part of the education as classroom training by contacting the Loviisa education group by e-mail koulutus [dot] loviisa [at] fortum [dot] com.

Radiation protection part

The radiation protection training  must be completed for the first time as classroom training.

Registration for radiation protection training is via this link or to the e-mail address sateilykoulutus [dot] loviisa [at] fortum [dot] com.

The radiation section can be repeated online.

Working in the control area requires that the new employees have completed both radiation theory and practical training. These parts do not necessarily have to be completed on the same day.

English classroom trainings

Classroom introductory training in English must be arranged in advance by contacting us:

for the general part, koulutus [dot] loviisa [at] fortum [dot] com

for the radiation protection part, sateilykoulutus [dot] loviisa [at] fortum [dot] com.

The Loviisa power plant follows the recommendations issued by the authorities in connection with the collection restrictions caused by the Covid-19.

Other introductory training needs must be agreed well in advance:

Vesa-Pekka Vilpponen, p. 010 455 4739

Henri Rinne, p. 010 455 3074

When arranging radiation protection training, make sure radiation training resources are available in advance from radiation monitoring. Radiation protection is in shift work during the annual maintenance.

Contact us for radiation protection training:

Julia Viljanmaa p. 010 455 3965

Mika Koivisto p. 010 455 3929

Matti Virtanen p. 010 455 3928

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