Kalax wind farm

Kalax wind farm has been in operation since 2020. The wind farm consists of 21 turbines. Kalax is Fortum’s first large-scale wind farm in Finland.

Clean and domestic wind power strengthens Finland's energy self-sufficiency
Kalax tuulipuisto 2022
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Närpes, Finland

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90 MW

Kalax, in Närpes, on the west coast of Finland, is Fortum’s first large-scale wind farm in Finland. Kalax wind farm’s total capacity is 90 MW and, with its annual production exceeding 0.3 TWh, it has the highest annual production of all wind farm commissioned in Finland in 2020. This lights up a town of 83,000 households.

The wind farm is jointly owned by Energy Infrastructure Partners (EIP) and Fortum, and Fortum took over responsibility for asset management of the wind farm after commissioning. 70% of the renewable wind power it produces is sold directly to the Finnish energy company Neste through a long-term agreement.

The local villages around the wind farm will receive a wind bonus based on the annual production. The village associations will use this annual contribution to develop social and cultural activities locally. The first full contribution will be shared based on the yearly production of 2021, as this will also be Kalax’s first full year of energy production.

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