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14.48 EEST

Fortum’s key messages relating to the planned review of the Energy Taxation Directive (2003/96/EC)

Fortum welcomes the intention of the EU Commission to review the EU Energy Taxation Directive, ETD.


12.40 EET

Fortum welcomes the proposed plastics strategy for the EU – next step is to translate good intentions into concrete actions

Fortum welcomes the European Commission´s ambitious strategy and the proposed measures to address different challenges associated with plastics in the circular economy.


15.00 EET

Fortum respons to Nordic TSO’s consultations regarding future Nordic balancing

Fortum has chosen to answer the two topical consultations on future balancing by Nordic TSOs with one response to all Nordic TSOs.


10.51 EET

Fortum's views on the European Commission's "Clean energy for all Europeans package"

Fortum has published its views on the relevant proposals of the EU Commission’s "Clean energy for all Europeans package".


11.59 EET

The Nordic utilities ask Members of Parliament to reinforce the EU's carbon market

In 2015, the European Commission put forward a legislative proposal for revising the European Emissions Trading (ETS) directive for phase IV (2021–2030).


13.31 EEST

Fortum's comments on European Commission's interim report of the sector inquiry on capacity mechanisms

In April 2016, the Competition Directorate of the European Commission issued an interim report of their sector inquiry into capacity mechanism gathering information on existing capacity mechanisms across 11 member states.


13.23 EEST

Fortum's response to the consultation on bioenergy – harmonisation and long-term certainty for future EU bioenergy policy

Fortum has submitted its response to the public consultation of the European Commission on a sustainable bioenergy policy for the period after 2020.


13.10 EET

Fortum welcomes an EU strategy for heating and cooling sectors – a step towards better functioning markets across Europe

​The European Commission published on 16 February 2016 the EU Heating and Cooling Strategy as part of its “Winter Package”.


11.51 EET

Fortum’s views on the review of the Energy Efficiency Directive

Fortum has published its views on the EU Commission's consultation to collect opinions and suggestions for the review of the Directive on Energy Efficiency (EED).


11.57 EET

Fortum’s position on the revision of the EU Renewable Energy Directive

Highlights from the response to the public consultation on "Preparation of a new renewable energy directive for the period after 2020".