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13.21 EET

Fortum's contribution to the discussion on corporate tax transparency

The European Commission is preparing a corporate tax package, which plans to reform corporate taxation in the European Union.


13.30 EET

Fortum's contribution to the public consultation of investment notification requirements under Euratom Treaty

​Fortum has on 20 January 2016 submitted its contribution to the public consultation of the European Commission on investment notification requirements falling under the scope of Euratom Treaty.


13.47 EET

Fortum welcomes EU commission package on a circular economy

The Circular Economy package released on 2 December 2015 recognises that recovering electricity and heat for a highly efficient waste-to-energy system is an essential part of a circular economy.


13.56 EET

Fortum's view on the update of Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

District heating plays an important role in bringing low-carbon energy sources to buildings. In the EPBD update the promotion of the energy performance of buildings should be based on a system approach and the EU definitions for nearly zero energy buildings improved.


13.42 EET

Fortum's comments on the European Commission's first 'State of the Energy Union 2015' Report

The ‘State of the Energy Union 2015’ Report lays a foundation for stronger energy policy coordination in expectation of synergies and improved security of supply. Fortum welcomes the aim to improve consistency in energy policies.


14.51 EEST

Fortum's views on the ETS reform post-2020

The European Commission's proposal on the amendment of the Emissions Trading Directive is important in revitalising the functioning of the Emissions Trading System (ETS).


15.29 EEST

Fortum’s response to the EU consultation on increasing corporate taxation transparency

Fortum has responded on 9 September 2015 to the EU Commission’s public consultation on increasing the transparency of corporate taxation.


15.33 EEST

Fortum's response on the new energy market design for the EU

A more efficient energy market in the EU will benefit consumers, energy producers and societies alike.


14.57 EEST

Thermal recovery of energy and materials is an essential contributor to the circular economy

Fortum's position paper contributing to the European Commissions European wide consultation on the concept of Circular Economy.


15.03 EEST

Fortum's view on the European heating and cooling strategy

This paper is intended to contribute to the preparations for a strategy for the heating and cooling in the European energy transition.