Research and innovations

We want to drive the transformation towards a low-emissions energy system and optimal resource efficiency. Our mission is to engage our customers and society to drive the change towards a cleaner world. Our role is to accelerate this change by reshaping the energy system improving resource efficiency and providing smart solutions. This way we can deliver excellent shareholder value.

Bio oil research

The purpose of our research and development (R&D) is to improve Fortum's competitiveness and to create a basis for a new profitable business. Each new development activity is assessed against the criteria of emission reduction and resource efficiency. Fortum's main research and innovation activities cover technologies for the current energy system as well as technologies and solutions required for the future solar economy.  The ultimate goal is to produce energy in the most efficient way and bring environmentally friendly solutions for our end customers.


NURES is an innovation used to clean radioactive liquids and in this way to minimize the amount of radioactive waste. NURES was first developed to be used in Fortum's Loviisa nuclear power plant. So far NURES products have had some 50 to 60 customers worldwide, mostly nuclear power plants. We continue to develop the product further.

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Together with our partners, Fortum Bio2X is transforming biomass, particularly bamboo and straw, into sustainable high-value products that can replace fossil-based and other environmentally harmful materials in numerous end products.

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Energy storage

In 2017 the Nordic countries' biggest lithium-ion battery storage was installed in conjunction with Fortum's biomass-fired biopower plant in Järvenpää. Electricity production forms that are condition-dependent, such as wind and solar energy, will require more flexibility from the electricity grid in the future. In addition to hydropower, also electricity storage brings flexible regulating power to the electricity system. The flexibility brought by a battery storage enables growth in the use of renewable energy sources.

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Digitalization in Nuclear

Rapid development of digitalization boosts efficiency of power plant maintenance, engineering and personnel training. Our goal is to better utilize the opportunities, new technologies and internal innovations presented by digitalization. The rapid development of digitalization also enables improvement to power plant operating and maintenance processes.

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Fortum is partnering with research institutions and companies from other sectors to investigate utilization of Power2X, were large scale electrolysis can be used to produce clean hydrogen for multi-sector use.

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