Fortum is partnering with research institutions and companies from other sectors to investigate utilization of Power2X, were large scale electrolysis can be used to produce clean hydrogen for multi-sector use.

Fortum is partnering up with research institutions and other sectors to investigate utilization of Power2X, meaning using large scale electrolysis to produce clean hydrogen for multi-sector use. Hydrogen produced through Power2X technologies have the potential to become enablers for large scale flexibility and also work as a link between industrial sectors:  electricity, gas, transportation, heating, mining, steel, refineries and food tech/production.

Large scale hydrogen production through electrolysis promises new possibilities for seasonal energy storage as well as easily utilized energy demand when intermittent energy production like solar and wind produce more power than is demanded. Excess production can, on a large scale, be utilizes in Power2X.

Fortum’s interest in Power2X technologies are multifold. Among the aspects we are exploring:

  • Possibilities to provide demand response flexibility in the electricity system and other grid services
  • New storage possibilities to complement traditional storage technologies like pumped hydro, seasonal reservoirs, batteries and heat storages.
  • Evaluate business concepts on electrolysis, energy market improvements and new services for other sectors.
  • Hydrogen as an enabler for decarbonization of other sectors, like mining, energy intensive transport etc.
  • Combining hydrogen with carbon dioxide CO2 to produce petrochemical products.

Depending on chosen technology the end product can be pure hydrogen, synthetic gas or liquid hydrogen based fuels, all with different potential use.