Cleaning the environment, on land and in the water

Cleaning the environment

Environmental cleaning as a Fortum service

Fortum’s Recycling and Waste Solutions offers innovative environmental cleaning solutions, like remediation of soils for restoring contaminated land areas and the treatment of hazardous oils and chemical waste. In 2019, Fortum started testing the new Multi-purpose On-site Phase Separator (MOPS) technology to clean contaminated sand and soil. The technology is currently being tested in practice in Denmark in a contaminated shoreline area that was previously used as a deposit site for toxic waste from a chemical factory. MOPS removes mercury, pesticides and other toxins from contaminated sand. Fortum’s new technology not only cleans the sand, it also converts the toxic waste into a raw material that can be used in the construction industry, among others. After the technology testing with sand has been completed, Fortum plans to test MOPS also with other waste streams. The aim is to complete the pilot plant tests during the first quarter of 2020.

Watch the video on cleaning contaminated sand using MOPS technology in Denmark. 

Plogging – cleaning urban landscapes and rivers while exercising

Plogging, i.e. rubbish runs, is a new way to combine exercise and picking up litter. Plogging can also be done in water by picking up litter while kayaking. In 2019, Fortum participated in a variety of jogging and paddling events to clean up urban landscapes and rivers in several of our operating countries. Since 2018, Fortum has arranged a total of nine plogging events in Finland together with the “Siivouspäivä” brand. The highlight of 2019 was the participation in Finland’s biggest running event, Helsinki City Run, as a plogging team. In 2019, Fortum held plogging events also in Stockholm (Sweden), Ulyanovsk (Russia), and in Gdańsk, Warsaw, Łódź and Wrocław (Poland). Additionally, Fortum personnel in Gdańsk and in Warsaw participated in a kayaking river clean-up event with the residents of Gdańsk.

Young people helping river clean-up in Sweden

Rivers are a valuable natural resource for Fortum, and we want to help them remain healthy and clean. Since 2013, Fortum has collaborated with the environmental organisation Städa Sverige (part of a local sports organisation), and has encouraged local youth in Sweden to take part in clean-up efforts on five rivers where Fortum has hydropower plants. The initiative is called Älvstädningen, and in 2019 it succeeded in cleaning about 23 tonnes of waste from rivers. This year, the initiative started paying attention also to the water quality of the rivers by taking samples and analysing the microplastics. The 2019 analysis revealed that four of the ten river water samples contained polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic. In addition to cleaning up rivers, Älvstädningen helps Fortum to increase young peoples’ knowledge of hydropower as a renewable energy source. It is also a great way to give local youth an opportunity to make a tangible impact on the environment and to get them to join the change for a cleaner world.