Demolition of Inkoo coal-fired power plant turns waste into raw materials

Demolition of Inkoo coal-fired power plant turns waste into raw materials

Fortum is demolishing its old, decommissioned coal-fired power plant in Inkoo, Finland. A circular economy principle is being applied at the demolition site. The demolition project got under way in spring 2017 and is one of the biggest in Finland’s industrial history. Fortum’s waste management services is responsible for the demolition work.

The work site’s biggest recyclable fractions are scrap metal and pulverised concrete. The pulverised concrete is used as fill for the site’s old ash basins and to level the land at the site. Scrap metal is sold as raw material for new products.

In February 2018, a load of scrap metal was shipped – for the first time in Fortum’s history – from Inkoo to Turkey. The scrap metal ended up as raw material for local industry, i.e. the metal from the power plant’s walls will be reused. In 2018, an average of 1,000–2,000 tonnes of scrap steel per month was also transported by truck to Imatra, Finland, to the project's single biggest scrap metal recycling facility. Recycling metal saves natural resources and reduces carbon dioxide emissions because the metal can be reused in new products again and again.

The demolition of the power plant is estimated to generate a total of about 180,000 tonnes of various materials. In 2018, the demolition project generated a total of 24,000 tonnes of waste, about 1,000 tonnes of which was hazardous waste. In 2018, 98% of the demolition waste was recovered. The amount of recycled scrap metal alone in 2018 was above 19,000 tonnes.

Of all the power plant demolition waste generated from the beginning of the project to the end of December 2018, 96% has been recycled or reused on site. The demolition site is an excellent example of Fortum’s circular economy business, where waste is converted into valuable raw materials.

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