Solutions for promoting clean transportation

Solutions for promoting clean transportation

Fortum developed solutions in 2018 to promote clean transportation in Finland and internationally.

Fortum Charge & Drive is currently building the first high-power charging corridor for electric vehicles between Oslo and Helsinki to facilitate EV mobility in the Nordics. The first high-power charging station was opened outside Oslo, Norway, in April; in Kristinehamn, Sweden, in August; and in Lohja, Finland, in November 2018. The network enables the newest generation EV models, which have a range of over 300 kilometres, to drive from Helsinki to Oslo in the same amount of time as combustion engine cars.

Enhancing EV mobility in Europe was boosted early in the year when Fortum Charge & Drive and Plugsurfing joined forces; Fortum’s Nordic charging network was connected as part of Plugsurfing’s charging and payment application. Previously, a challenge for EV drivers was the numerous different charging networks requiring registration and the use of different payment applications. Now Plugsurfing connects 60,000 EV drivers to more than 200 charging networks, thus offering access to over 100,000 charging points in 31 European countries.

In India, the government is pursuing full electric mobility by 2030. Fortum’s collaboration with the Clean Motion company supports the target by aiming to accelerate India’s electrification of three-wheeled vehicles with a battery swap system. In September 2018, Fortum joined the international EV30@30 campaign to promote the electrification of vehicles. The campaign’s goal is to accelerate EV adoption and reach a 30% sales share for electric vehicles by 2030.

In addition to external activities, Fortum is electrifying also its own employees’ transportation. Since the beginning of 2018 in Finland, the company’s employee car policy has allowed for only new EVs or plug-in hybrids as company cars. The same policy was adopted in November 2018 for employees in Sweden.

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