As a responsible actor in the electricity, gas, heating and cooling business, we offer customers environmentally friendly and cost-efficient products and services. Through customer satisfaction, we reflect the responsibility of our business among various stakeholders.

Customer satisfaction

For us customer satisfaction is a top priority in implementing the company's strategy and in growing the business. We have set a target for customer satisfaction (≥ 70). We measure customer satisfaction as part of the extensive One Fortum Survey. The survey is conducted yearly in spring. 

Services for customers

In recent years, we have introduced many new services that reduce environmental impacts and give customers better opportunities to control their electricity consumption and costs. The sustainable solutions we offer in energy production, traffic, and waste management also support a circular economy. The solutions offered are related to home automation, smart EV charging, local energy production and storage, and flexible demand. Additionally, we offer diverse expertise services for energy systems, electricity and heat production, and for the process industry. 

Sustainability report

Sustainability 2020

Smart energy solutions

Products and services for our customers