Reducing CO₂ emissions with carbon capture

Reducing CO₂ emissions with carbon capture

Photo: Einar Aslaksen

In order to take concrete steps towards decarbonisation, the Norwegian government has launched a Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project. The City of Oslo is aiming for a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2022 and a 95% reduction by 2030. The CCS project at Fortum Oslo Varme’s Klemetsrud waste-to-energy plant is the single most important initiative to achieve the target. Fortum Oslo Varme’s plan is to capture 400,000 tonnes, i.e. 90%, of the waste-to-energy plant’s CO₂ emissions.

Launched in August 2018, the CCS project at the Klemetsrud waste-to-energy plant is currently in the preliminary planning phase. The plant provide end treatment of municipal waste, and the excess heat is used in the production of electricity and heat. The process removes hazardous gases and other substances, but still produces carbon dioxide emissions.

21 September 2020, the Norwegian Government proposed to realise its full-scale carbon capture project and named it "Langskip" (referring to the Viking longships). The project consists of a full CCS value chain, from capture to transport and storage, and includes several industrial actors. Fortum Oslo Varme received a conditional offer of NOK 3 billion (approx. EUR 300 million), provided that the project secures sufficient own funding as well as funding from the EU or other sources.

In November 2021 the EU-commission declined the project’s application for funding from the EU Innovation fund. The project has reviewed the feedback on their application, improved the application and reduced the amount they are applying for in the second call in March 2022.

The project is an "oven-ready" CCS project that is ready to be the first full-scale waste-to-energy plant in the world with CO2 capture. The project has successfully conducted its FEED studies, operated a pilot plant for 5,500 hours and achieved a stable capture rate of 90-95%. It will demonstrate CO2 transport to port with emission-free trucks and is ready to take the role as a leader for cities aiming to solve their waste problem and substantially cut their emissions.

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