Key sustainability topics and targets

Sustainability lies at the heart of our strategy. Our vision for a cleaner world is reflected in our ambition to drive the transformation towards a low-emission energy system and optimal resource efficiency. We have made it our mission to engage our customers and society at large to help us drive this change.

How we act responsibly

The entire energy sector is undergoing a transformation. The faster pace of climate change is accelerating the need for structural changes in society. The need for low-carbon energy is growing because fossil fuels must be replaced in transportation, industry and heating. Clean electricity is a significant enabler in this.

In addition to climate change, changes in the regulatory environment and the fast pace of technological development create new challenges and opportunities for us. Our role is to respond to the changing operating environment by reshaping the energy system, improving resource efficiency and by providing smart solutions. We want to offer long-term value for our stakeholders as well as take responsibility for our supply chain. We understand that satisfied customers are key to our success.

Our values – curiosity, responsibility, integrity and respect – form the foundation for all our activities. In our operations we emphasise climate change mitigation, energy efficiency, ethical business operations and compliance with regulations, circular economy solutions as well as the wellbeing, health and safety of our personnel.

Our aim is to provide our customers with environmentally friendly products and services. We strive to continuously reduce the environmental impact of our operations and while reliably providing our customers with the electricity and heat they need.

Sustainability priorities

We define our sustainability priorities together with our stakeholders. In 2019, we conducted a broad analysis of material sustainability themes for Fortum and its stakeholders. The material themes are associated with risks and opportunities for Fortum, and on the other hand, our operations have an impact on them. Our sustainability priorities are presented in the matrix below.


Fortum Sustainability priorities

Continuously improving our performance

We want to excel in sustainability. Our sustainability targets affect every Fortum employee.

Group sustainability priorities, SDGs, Group targets and performance in 2019

Group sustainability  priorities, SDGs, Group targets and performance in 2019


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