Connection prices for district heating

Full-service district heating is care-free and comfortable. You can leave your heating matters to us because we make sure that you have enough heat as required in any weather.

Connection fee is from 5800 €

District heat pricing

District heat is priced area-specifically because the price is always based on the local production method of district heat, the network structure and the fuel used. The price of district heat comprises the energy fee, basic fee and VAT. The energy fee depends on the energy consumed, and the basic fee on the power or water flow ordered. 
The energy fee covers costs caused by district heat production, such as fuel procurement.
The energy fee includes energy tax. 
The purpose of the power fee is to ensure heat supply to our customers and 24/7 monitoring and fault service. We ensure continuous heat deliveries by maintaining and renovating our distribution network and production plants, and also renewing the network when necessary.