Products and prices


 Fortum Kestolämpö can be scaled to your needs


Fortum Kestolämpö is a familiar and safe basic product. With Fortum Kestolämpö, you pay for your heat based on the actual measured energy and power. Since the monthly charge is based on your actual consumption, both the outdoor temperature and your habits will influence it. As is the case with all of our district heating products, Fortum Kestolämpö also includes monitoring of your consumption data in the Fortum Valpas service and a monthly electronic heat consumption report.

Fortum Tarkkalämpö is the best choice for a diligent customer


Fortum Tarkkalämpö is the best product for you if you do not consume much heating energy, i.e. if you're a sensible and frugal heater. The low power fee as well as different summer and winter prices will encourage you to save energy in the wintertime by using your fireplace, for example. As with our other district heating products, Fortum Tarkkalämpö includes a 24/7 fault service and an annual consumption report.


Fortum Helppolämpö offers peace of mind

Meant for consumer customers, Fortum Helppolämpö has a predetermined fixed monthly charge that is determined for twelve months at a time. An annual inspection of your heat distribution devices once a year by a Fortum expert is part of the agreement. As with our other district heating products, Fortum Helppolämpö includes, for instance, Fortum Lämpövahti text message service that will inform you of any heat delivery interruptions.


Fortum Ekolämpö to benefit the environment

Fortum Ekolämpö is heat produced from renewable sources. Heating energy produced close by increases Finland's energy independence and promotes change towards the broader use of renewable energy. Fortum Ekolämpö can assist your company in reaching its environmental goals. Environmental responsibility will prove to your customers that you are a reliable and target-orientated company.

 Fortum Vakaalämpö is a financially sound choice


Meant for housing companies in Joensuu, Fortum Vakaalämpö will make it easier to anticipate the heating costs of housing companies and businesses: you will get more constant heating bills that you can anticipate. Invoicing as fixed instalments is also possible.