Cogeneration is a cornerstone in our strategy

Fortum value proposition for industrial power and steam users

Combined heat and power (CHP) significantly improves the efficiency of power and steam production.

The overall process efficiency in a CHP plant is considerably higher, up to 90%, compared to separate generation for power (~35% efficiency) or steam (~70% efficiency). High efficiency means less emissions and waste. A CHP plant allows for efficient use of resources and the supply of  multiple products to customers from one location. Being close to use, cogeneration increases considerably the security of supply with reduced dependency on grid-based power.

Fortum’s proposed model of consolidated co-generation in an industrial cluster offers multiple customer benefits, both financial and strategic. By focusing on their core operations, customers can reduce their operational costs, optimise the use of their capital, increase efficiency by focusing on their core competence and operate with an overall more sustainable production process, including fuel and waste handling.