Finnish energy company Fortum empowerseducation for hundreds of students in Rajasthan

Three schools in Rajasthan will be equipped with solar powered infrastructure by Finnish energy company Fortum. It is part of Fortum's corporate social responsibility initiative accompanying the company's first investment in 5 MW solar plant in Bhilwara. Both Fortum's investment in carbon free energy production and its contribution to the development and well- being of the local society werewelcomed by Finland’s former PresidentMs Tarja Halonen visiting the company's first production facility in India.
Bhilwara (Rajasthan), February 8, 2014:Finnish energy company Fortum has pledged to equip three Bhilwara schools providing education to around 1200 students with solar-powered infrastructure. Solar panels will meet the schools' power needs in an efficient and sustainable way. The announcement was made by Mr Matti Kaarnakari, Managing Director of Fortum India on the occasion of a visit to Fortum's solar plant by former President of Finland, Ms Tarja Halonen.
The former Finnish President is taking interest in how Finnish companies develop their business locally ; she attended the Delhi Sustainability Development Summit organised by  The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI) recently. On her visit to Fortum's plant, she has met representatives of local government and education institutions in Rajasthan. The discussion focused on how companies such as Fortum can add value to the development of sustainable energy production but also help in the development of the Indian society from a local perspective. "India needs sustainable supplies of both conventional and clean power to power the growth of its economy. AndFortum can offer ready-made solutions as a leader among European utilities in highly efficient and CO2 free energy production. Apart from its achievements in carbon emissions' reduction, Fortum is globally recognised for its initiatives aimed at helping local communities, which I believe is of great importance here. I see a bright future for India and hope that Fortum can have its contribution to make it even brighter."saysTarja Halonen, the former President of Finland.
Fortum came to India in 2012 and the solar plant acquired in June last year is the company's first investment project in the country. With a nominal peak capacity of
5 MW and annual production at the level of approximately 9 gigawatt-hours, the plant was constructed as part of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission. "Rajasthan is particularly interesting when it comes to solar energy production with its 300 days of sunshine. Acquiring and operating a plant here is an excellent opportunity to gain market knowledge and get to know the local environment”says Matti Kaarnakari, Managing Director of Fortum India. The company is also interested in developing combined heat and power production for industrial customers. 
“At the same time, we are proud to be able to serve a good cause making a contribution to improving the quality of life for the Bhilwara community. Our CSR, this solar infrastructure will every day impact one thousand two hundred students and their several hundred families in the region – by empowering the children with solar energy for a better future.  We trust this initiative will inherit the sense of energy utilisation among these young citizens who hold the key to India’s growth, and make them realise the values that solar energy can bring into our lives" further added by Matti Kaarnakari, Managing Director of Fortum India.
About Fortum
Fortum’s purpose is to create energy that improves life for present and future generations. Fortum provides sustainable solutions that fulfill the needs for low emissions, resource-efficiency and energy security, and deliver excellent value to their shareholders. Their activities cover the generation, distribution and sales of electricity and heat as well as related expert services.
Fortum’s operations focus on the Nordic countries, Russia, Poland and Baltic Rim area and now in India. In the future, the integrating European and fast-growing Asian energy markets provide additional growth opportunities. In 2012, Fortum’s sales totalled EUR 6.2 billion and comparable operating profit was EUR 1.7 billion. We employ approximately 10,400 people. Fortum’s shares are quoted on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.
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