Sustainability in India

​Fortum’s purpose is to create energy that improves life for present and future generations. Fortum provides sustainable solutions that fulfill the needs for low emissions, resource efficiency and security of energy supply.

Fortum aims to participate in the Indian energy sector development through assessing possibilities for investments and bringing Fortum’s expertise to India to benefit the energy sector and Indian economy as a whole.

Fortum’s long term view on an energy system allows for high system efficiency and low environmental impacts. According this view, which we at Fortum call Solar Economy, the energy system will increasingly be based on direct or indirect energy from the sun (solar, wind, hydel, ocean energy, geothermal, use of biomass), production of energy with very high primary energy efficiency (combined heat and power) and development of the power grid to allow for low losses and integration of various types/sizes of production and active demand response from power users. In our view, India could be at the forefront of this development, as there is a huge need for new generation capacity.

India has very good conditions for, e.g. direct solar energy, large untapped potential in developing hydro (hydel) power or potential to develop the collection and use of biomasses as fuel for cogeneration. India will also need to develop the power grid to reduce losses and increase the system efficiency with an almost unique possibility to leapfrog to a smarter grid.