We provide sustainable solutions that help to reduce emissions, boost the efficient use of resources, and secure the supply of energy – while producing significant added value for our shareholders.

We believe that sustainability is one of the success factors for our business. We want to create a competitive advantage by taking all three areas of sustainability – economic, environmental and social responsibility – into equal consideration. In addition to our own impacts, we also pay attention to the indirect impacts caused by our operations.

Sustainable solutions are part of the strategy

Sustainable solutions are the centrepiece of our strategy. In terms of economic responsibility, we believe that competitiveness, performance excellence and market-driven production will create long-term value and growth. In the area of environmental responsibility, our know-how in CO2-free hydro and nuclear power production and in energy-efficient combined heat and power production is emphasised. And our research and development activities enable environmentally benign energy solutions. In the area of social responsibility, our innovations and the security of supply of low-carbon power and heat enable social development and increase well-being.

Sustainability also includes being a good corporate citizen and taking care of our own personnel and the community around us.

Policy shows the way

Fortum’s Sustainability Policy, together with the related operating principles, defines the focus areas and means by which we can advance sustainability. 

Approach defines the goals

The Sustainability Policy is implemented through our Sustainability Approach. The Approach defines the whole Group’s shared goals, which guide the divisions in their annual goal-setting and operational planning.

We report on our progress

We monitor the achievement of our goals on a quarterly basis as part of the company’s internal result assessment. We describe our progress in Fortum’s annual report, separate sustainability reports, and on this website.