ChGRES: facts & figures

750 MW generated by ChGRES's new combined cycle power units just in one hour is enough for Tesla Model S electric car to make 94 tours around the Earth equator.

​>​ ChGRES site occupies 252,000 square meters and includes 93 facilities. Generating facilities are located in ChGRES turbine hall with the footprint of more than 16,000 square meters. This equals the area of two FIFA World Cup football fields.

​>​ Fuel utilization rate of CHP production with the combined cycle gas turbine units of ChGRES can reach 83%.

​>​ Lean consumption of hydrocarbon fuel reduces the concentration of combustion products in the flue gas. For example, NOx emissions of ChGRES CCGT units are 5 times lower than of steam units of the same capacity. They are also much lower than the statutory emission limits.

​>​ There are more than 1,300 machines located in ChGRES's new turbine hall. Key equipment – 3 gas turbines, 3 steam turbines, 3 heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) and 1 start-up boiler.

​>​ The biggest part of ChGRES equipment set is a 55 tonne gas turbine rotor. It is heavier than Boeing 717-200 that has a maximum take-off weight of 50 tonnes.

​>​ Gas turbine weights 350 tonnes.

​>​ The smallest part of ChGRES equipment set is installed in the Turbine and Boiler Shop. Dimensions of a steam relief valve controller are comparable to that of a match box.

​>​ Output of one ChGRES HRSG is 335 tonnes of steam per hour which is comparable to the amount of steam generated by 47,5 million one liter multicookers.

​>​ The power of new ChGRES HRSG is comparable to that of 95 modern locomotives of 4,000 horsepower each.

​>​ Combined, the three cooling towers can cool some 50,500 cubic meters per hour by 10 °С. This cooling capacity is enough to produce 6 tonnes of ice per hour.

​>​ External air intake for ChGRES auxiliary needs can be done at up to -50°С. Air intake design includes anti-icing and heating system.

​>​ ChGRES state-of-the-art equipment features high efficiency and low fuel consumption. New power units use 5 times less gas than the old equipment of the plant.

​>​ ChGRES if equipped with efficient water treatment system. Even rain water collected from around the plant site is used in the process cycle. 

​>​ Water passes through 4 filtering stages before it is returned to the Miass River. This allows ChGRES to avoid negative environmental impact on water reservoir and to feed the river with the water cleaner than before. 

​>​ ChGRES supplies heat via four district heating mains. If necessary, the plant can take on additional heat load and supply the fifth heating main of Chelyabinsk CHP-3. This provides double guarantee of heat supply security to the citizens.

​>​ The exhaust temperature at the gas turbine outlet is more than 550 °С, which is, for example, hotter than the melting point of lead – 327.5 °С.

​>​ Operators monitor 150 processes from the Central Control Room. 2,500 process parameters cane be monitored and adjusted.  ​> ChGRES has three cooling towers. The two bigger cooling towers are 75 meters high. The diameter of the bottom is 63 meters. The towers are taller than the Niagara Falls, which has a drop of 53 meters. The third "baby" cooling tower is 55 meters high with the bottom diameter of 46 meters.

​>​ Each cooling tower stands on concrete foundation, which is 1.5 times heavier than the ground structure.  

 ​>​ New power units use 5 times less gas than the old equipment of the plant. Rated capacity of the gas conditioning plant is 280,000 cubic meters per hour. 

​>​ The new ChGRES is equipped with indoor switchgear for the smart use of the city space. It is 10 times more compact than a conventional outdoor switchgear of a similar voltage. 

​>​ Relay control of 110 kV switchgear consists of 60 boards that monitor about 200 operation parameters. ​

​>​ Story of success – contribution of many ChGRES renovation involved 21 thousand people from 270 contractor companies. ​

​>​ Total length of all plant pipelines is over 10,000 kilometers.