Demarcations and markings

Demarcations and markings improve visibility and information flow

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Annual outage theme 2019

Demarcations and markings improve visibility and information flow

There are many kinds of demarcation and marking needs at the plant during the annual outages. One of the most significant is the demarcation and markings for job sites. Marking and establishing potential boundary areas adds visibility, improves information flow, and shows ownership of the job site. 

Every job site must have the following clearly posted: Job name, Job number, Name and contact info of the person responsible for the job site, and Job duration (start and end date). If a boundary must be established for a job site, the reason for the demarcation must also be included on the sign (e.g. plant safety, dangerous work, FME risk, distraction-free zone, equipment malfunction or leak). 

Establishing a boundary for a job site

A boundary must be established for jobs that pose a hazard or harm to others and/or the environment, e.g.:

  • elevated work
  • hoist areas
  • leak/hazardous malfunction

Other factors that pose a danger or hindrance to the work include: 

  • foreign material risk
  • live working

A boundary can also be established in cases where creating the boundary is otherwise beneficial, e.g. for visibility or for guidance to the job site. 

Demarcation practices have been planned together with the power plant’s organisation during this year. According to the annual programme, the practice will be adopted during the spring/before that annual outage begins.

There are about 360 standard posts with retractable tape. The posts are stored in several places around the plant:

  • 1Y03 demineralisation space storage area, in the corner, about 100 posts.
  • 1T0398 A-line diesel side, near the door, about 50 posts. Additionally, about 30 posts in use on the +3T level in the transport corridor and vicinity.
  • 2T+1202, 30 posts, and about 25 posts in use on the same level.
  • 1A1209, the so-called boxing ring, about 30 posts.
  • 2A1212, about 30 posts.