District heating in Oslo

From August 2017, we produce the district heating in Oslo through the company Fortum Oslo Varme. We account for about 20 % of the district heating need in Oslo, and in 2015 we produced 1.6 TWh of disctrict heating.

Panorama view of the Opera in Oslo

We have 11 plants in Oslo that produce enough district heating for 160 000 households. A list of all our power plants in Oslo:


CHP plant

Capacity (fuel)

Skøyen Varmesentral

42 MW

Hoff Varmesentral

120 MW oil/bio oil

25 MW electricity


30 MW electricity

27.5 MW oil

Vika Varmesentral

100 MW electricity

50 MW oil

Rodeløkka Varmesentral

100 MW bio oil


39 MW oil/ bio oil

20 MW electricity


15 MW oil

10 MW electricity


15 MW oil/bio oil

8 MW electricity

Haraldrud Varmesentral

267 MW

Klemetsrud Kraftvarmeverk

99 MW waste

37 MW oil


3.6 MW electricity

8 MW oil