e-invoicing requirements

The table below shows the data fields which must be included in your e-invoices (in both XML data and invoice image)

Mandatory fields are marked with asterisk (*)

Fields Comments
Supplier name *  
Supplier address *  
Supplier organization number * Organization number, Y-tunnus, Business ID
Supplier VAT registration number * VAT registration number
Supplier bank name *  
Supplier bank account number *  
Supplier e-invoicing address *  
Supplier e-mail address  
Our entity´s name * Invoicing addresses
Our invoicing address *  
Our delivery address  
Order number * Mandatory if we have provided Purchase order number
Our reference person * Mandatory to have Fortum reference person´s e-mail address stated in the invoice
Contract number Mandatory, when we have provided a contract number to be referred in the invoice
Delivery Note  
Invoice number *  
Invoice date *  
Invoice due date * According to payment term agreed in contract
Invoice cash discount due date  
Invoice amount including VAT *  
Invoice amount excluding VAT *  
VAT amount *  
Invoice cash discount amount  
Payment term  
Taxation information For EU purchases, invoice should contain a statement of VAT compliance - reverse charge. For domestic purchases there has to be stated why the invoice is not subject to VAT.

Download the e-invoicing requirements here

e-invoice XML Standards

Order number


Finvoice /Finvoice/InvoiceDetails/OrderIdentifier

Svefaktura /AdditionalDocumentReference/cac:ID[@identificationSchemeID="ORDER"]

OIOXML com:ReferencedOrder/com:BuyersOrderID

OIOUBL  //cac:OrderReference/cbc:ID

EHF  //cac:OrderReference /cbc:ID

Contract number


Finvoice /Finvoice/InvoiceDetails/AgreementIdentifier

OIOXML com:ReferencedOrder/com:SellersOrderID

OIOUBL  //cac:ContractDocumentReference/cbc:ID

EHF //cac:ContractDocumentReference/cbc:ID

Reference person


Finvoice /Finvoice/BuyerContactPersonName

Svefaktura /Invoice/cac:BuyerParty/cac:Party/cac:Contact/cbc:Name

OIOXML com:BuyerParty/com:BuyerContact/com:Name

OIOUBL  cac:AccountingCustomerParty/cac:Party/cac:Contact/cbc:Name

EHF  //cac:AccountingCustomerParty/cac:Party/cac:Contact/cbc:Name

Delivery note


Finvoice /Finvoice/DeliveryDetails/DeliveryNoteIdentifier

Svefaktura /Invoice/cac:InvoiceLine/cac:DespatchLineReference/cac:DocumentReference/cac:ID

OIOXML com:Note