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10 reasons to work for us

1. Play a role in creating a cleaner world 

At Fortum you will have the opportunity to work with exciting products and services at the front lines of technology. Even if you don’t work directly with business development, product development or have responsibility for sustainability projects, you will still be a valuable employee in an organisation that is taking its environmental, social and economic responsibility seriously at all levels.

2. Sustainability – today and tomorrow

We develop our operations with a long-term perspective. Fortum offers opportunities to create a sustainable career in an industry of the future. We are active throughout the energy chain – from production to end customer. We can offer exciting challenges to engineers, business administrators and anyone who is passionate about clean energy and circular economy. What we are doing today is important for future generations – we are proud of that!

3. Challenge and be challenged!

To challenge and be challenged is part of our culture. Our leadership philosophy is based on trust. As an employee you will be coached and encouraged to find your own solutions and to challenge existing work methods. We are a result-oriented company where you, as our employee, drive the issues you and your team are responsible for.

4. Trust – part of our DNA

We care about our colleagues. We encourage each other and value new ideas and ways of working. The team spirit is strong at Fortum and we appreciate people who enjoy working together to reach common goals. Our work environment is characterised by safety, co-operation and mutual respect – it’s fun to go to work!

5. An upwards or sideways career

As an active part of the whole energy chain, we can offer great career opportunities in many areas. Maybe you want to work in electricity sales and then rotate internally and find challenges in district heating, or vice versa? Are you aiming for a management position or are you more interested in honing your special skills? We can help you develop – how and in what direction is up to you!

6. Journey with us out into the world! 

At Fortum many of our positions are international. We have daily contact with colleagues, customers and suppliers in other parts of the world. We have a strong base in the Nordic region, but we are also established in growing energy markets such as Russia and India. Many of our teams are international. Diversity enhances the way we work.  

7. Commitment to social issues

We are contributing to positive development in society, in both small and big ways. We take care of the safety of our power plants and work environments. We act as a good neighbors and work closely with local communities around us. We expect responsible operations also from our business partners. As a Fortum employee you can feel proud of the fact that every year we work with deserving organisations and projects aimed at making the world a better place. 

8. Fortum plus menu

We take an active role in helping our employees complete their life puzzle and we offer extras that add value for you. Regardless of where you are in your life, we have solutions and initiatives to support and facilitate your daily life. 

9. Feel good at work

We are convinced that healthy and satisfied employees perform better and contribute to a creative and efficient work climate. At Fortum we take care of work safety and offer several health-promoting services to our employees. A healthy lifestyle that is complemented with well-being at work and good work-life balance gives us energy and power!

10. Celebrate success

Good results are always our goal! The road isn’t always dead straight, but we learn from our mistakes and believe that, at the end of the day, they help us find better overall solutions. Celebrating successes, both big and small, is part of our culture. Everyone appreciates and is spurred on by positive reinforcement!