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For students

Would you like a sustainable and challenging career in a industry of the future? Take your first step into working life with Fortum!
Every year we recruit recently graduated engineers, business economists, and people with other backgrounds who have a passion for future energy solutions. We are keen to help you as a young and recent graduate take advantage of the particular qualities you can bring to our company. We want you to hit the ground running and feel welcome as part of a team while you take on the challenges and opportunities ahead.

At Fortum you will be a valuable part of an organisation that takes responsibility at all levels – environmentally, socially and financially. What we are doing today is significant for future generations and we are proud of that. If you share our commitment to sustainable energy solutions for the future, we hope that you will consider becoming a member of our team after you graduate.

A company like Fortum can offer many development opportunities. We encourage internal job rotation which allows you to develop your career by switching to a different business area or working in one of the ten or so countries where we have operations. At Fortum you will be a member of a team of junior and senior experts and leaders. And you can work with everything for example from dam engineering to energy trading.

Fortum Innovation Challenge 2015: meet one of the winners, Gergely Horváth.​

The aim of the Fortum Innovation Challenge was to innovate a game changing idea for an interactive service, product or a new business model for the consumer market. Competition was held in Finland and in Sweden during spring 2015.

The winners in Finland, Elizaveta Starovoitova & Gergely Horváth, had their internship during May and June to develop their winning idea further within Fortum. After the internship period they are heading to their study trip to Silicon Valley, California. Meet one of the winners, Gergely Horváth, and learn what he thinks about working with innovations in the Next generation energy company!   

How did you come up with your winning idea PeerBench?  

- PeerBench is a service which builds on existing service offerings of Fortum. The core idea is a community, where customers can interact with each other and share their experiences. They can peer each other to improve and decrease their energy consumption and of course to use energy more wisely. The whole project was a long journey from the original idea to the current innovation including ideation, possible customer interaction and mentor help. During the one month mentoring sessions our mentor Marianne Tikkanen, Manager in Innovations&Patents, guided us to focus on specific aspects and helped us find creative solutions together. 

How is sustainability visible in your innovative idea PeerBench? 

- One of the core ideas of PeerBench is to encourage customers to be more aware of their energy consumption in terms of how they could save energy and use it more efficiently and wisely.  

What challenges have you faced when working with innovations?  

- It is a question of approach. Innovations can be seen as a bit risky, because you cannot be sure, whether ideas are going to survive or not. Service designing helps by providing versatile tools to come up with new ideas and to validate ongoing ideas.

What has been the best thing in an internship at Fortum?   

- I have never worked in a company as big as Fortum and that was really new to me.  It was interesting to see, how things work in a scale like this. During my internship employees of Fortum were providing valuable feedback to us. Overall, the internship period at Fortum has being once in a lifetime experience. 

How do you intend to take advantage of what you have learned during internship period at Fortum?   

- I am a service designer student, so it was nice to be involved in a real life project and get the chance to actually put into use the tools and knowledge I have collected from university studies. For me it was valuable to see, how innovation projects are actually running in a real business life.

How do you see Fortum as a place to work? 

- Everybody was really helpful and provided feedback when we needed it. A minor problem was that we couldn´t be involved in all of the meetings, as Elizavete and I don´t speak Finnish, but otherwise I really like Fortum as a place to work.  And I cannot complain the view from the 12th floor! 

You are heading  to Silicon Valley after internship period. What are your expectations for the trip?

- I haven´t been in the USA before and I believe that I am going to get really good memories. It is exciting to get a chance to meet people, who are working with innovations every day and hopefully they can share their experiences with us.  

Would you recommend Fortum Innovation Challenge ?

- Definitely. It has been an excellent experience and especially ideas and discussions during mentoring sessions have been valuable for me. ​