A master thesis at Loviisa power plant

​During the summers of my studying time I was working for Fortum's contractor at Loviisa Power Plant. During the final summer 2004, when the thesis was becoming topical and I was sending applications to different companies, I thought: "Why not to ask the company I am already familiar with". So I started inquiring the possibilities to make my thesis for Fortum. I suggested few topics and fortunately one of them was something that was on the "to-do" list. We negotiated the details during the fall; I came to an interview and started as a thesis worker in January 2005.

Thesis project really deepened my knowledge in the subject area. What I enjoyed most was the possibility to apply the learning and theories from my studies into real life. I realized that it was really relevant stuff that I had studied. I was happy that there really was a big need for this kind of competence in business life. I also learned that things are a lot more complicated in practice than in books. That makes it more interesting as well.

Thesis work was a smooth way to step into working life and Fortum. When the thesis project was about to be finished I was offered a chance to continue my work at Fortum as a development engineer on this area that fitted well to my studies and my interests. So I continued.