Thesis work at Fortum Power

Erik: I graduated from Uppsala University with a M.Sc. in Energy Systems Engineering. Topic of my thesis was hydropower and backup solutions for gated spillways.

I got in contact with representatives from Fortum during an employment market fair during my last year of studying to become a M.Sc. in Energy Systems Engineering at Uppsala University. During my studies I had developed a great interest in Hydropower and Fortum as a one of the largest energy producers in Sweden had therefore caught my interest. After a short discussion with the Fortum's representatives at the fair I got a list of studies that Hydro and Wind Engineering were interested in conducting. I was asked to send my CV and some notes on what studies I was interested in. After some further discussions we decided that I should do a study on backup solutions for gated spillways.

The work consisted of studying different solutions for solving the backup maneuvering of gates which are used at different Fortum plants and assessing their reliability and capacity of handling the discharge need during different water flow scenarios.

When I started my work I got a workplace at Fortum's office in Västerberga which was great since it gave me the possibility to see the project work done by HWE. During my thesis work I was able to visit several hydro power plants which further increased my understanding of hydropower in Sweden and at Fortum. It also gave me the possibility of establishing a personal network of people working at Fortum.

When I finalized my thesis I was offered a position at HWE working as a project engineer with focus on both Wind and Hydro projects which gave me the possibility to work with renewable energy which is very interesting and it feels very good.