Employee in control room

Our values

At Fortum our values are more than just fine words; they guide us in our daily work and permeate the lives of our employees. Our values reflect how we treat our customers, our partners and our colleagues. 


Our key behaviours 


At Fortum we have identified four key behaviours to guide us in our daily lives and give us a better insight into how we should work. Fortum’s four key behaviours are:

CHALLENGE – We challenge each other and how we work
•   We are constructive and focus on facts
•   We ask questions to make sure we have considered all aspects
•   We question current work methods and provide development suggestions

CO-CREATE – We create solutions together to achieve our goals
•   We have common goals and a “One Fortum” approach
•   We co-create and share knowledge across various boundaries
•   We involve relevant people in a timely manner and invite them to contribute

COACH – We coach each other to achieve better results
•   We ask open questions to help people find their own solutions
•   We listen actively and are focused
•   We provide positive and constructive feedback

CELEBRATE – We celebrate our successes and share them with our colleagues and the broader community
•   We share our successes
•   We draw attention to good work by both teams and individuals
•   We celebrate small successes as well!​​​​