”Fortum allows me to grow and take on new challenges”

Anna Vidlund
Name:Anna Vidlund
Title: Solar Business Development and O&M.
Education: Chemical technology at KTH, graduate of 2000. Licentiate degree 2005.
What do you think you would have been working with if you had not chosen to work with energy? That is easy! I would have been a farmer and run a sheep farm. I just have not figured out how I would have combined it with traveling.

After two years in India, Anna Vidlund is now back in Sweden. She will continue to develop Fortum’s expanding solar energy efforts – an area where she feels can make a big difference. Anna Vidlund started her career at Fortum nearly ten years ago. With a degree in chemical technology from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH), she had her mind set on the energy industry. –Energy is something that truly matters. It is politically significant, it is important from a fairness perspective and, of course, it plays an important role when it comes to environmental sustainability. I also think it is interesting from a technical point of view and I see it as privilege to be able to work with all of these issues.When Anna started at Fortum, she was an analyst working on the company’s big combined heat and power project in Stockholm.
– I really felt that I got to be involved in the development and building of the future energy system of Stockholm, says Anna. 

After having worked seven years within the district heating sector, Anna transferred to another business area within Fortum. She spent two years in India, setting up Fortum’s solar energy programme, and now she is back in Sweden to take a tighter grip on the company’s solar energy project.
–Some of the things I am working on are e.g. which business models to use, which markets are interesting and how to conduct our operations and maintenance in different business areas.

After ten years at Forum, Anna still feels just as stimulated as when she started. Thanks to both the energy sector and Fortum.
–You could definitely spend your entire career working within the energy industry, and Fortum allows me to grow and take on new challenges. My managers, as well as the culture here at Fortum give me great freedom to work towards my goals, and freedom to find my own solutions. 

Sustainability is one of  key areas  for Anna and Fortum. This can be seen in the investments made in renewable energy technologies, and for Anna, sustainability is always present.
–It applies to the energy that we produce and sell, as well as the work that we do around the world. At Fortum, we also strive for a sustainable working life.

This involves seeing things from a staff perspective, and a business culture which creates a balance between people’s private life and their working life.
–This is a company where we care about each other. I have the privilege to work with a lot of skilled experts and leaders, and we have fun working together. Many of my colleagues have been here for a long time, and I guess that is a very clear sign that people enjoy working here.

When it comes to career development, there are several paths to choose from, depending on what you want to work with. Anna has chosen to focus on things that interest her, and the leadership roles that she has held are a result of all the experience that she has acquired. And there are structures in place in how to develop within your professional role at Fortum. 
–You can choose to become a specialist and work more in depth with the things that interest you, or you can take on a leadership role. Fortum offers a big variety of in-house leadership training. If you make your voice heard and show that you are interested there are great opportunities here. As my interests have changed, I have advanced both up the ranks and been able to broaden my experience.​​​​​