“Sustainable solutions are a key aspect of Fortum’s strategy. I can be part of a bigger context here”

  Sezar Moustafa  

Name:Sezar Moustafa
Title: Dam engineering expert
Education: MSc Engineering, Environment and Water Resource Engineering, Griffith University, Australia
Works at Fortum because: Everyone here can help to make a difference. I actually get to see the results of my work.
In his work as an expert in dam engineering, Sezar Moustafa deals with both people and technology. After three and a half years at Fortum he still enjoys going to work. The team spirit is strong and the focus is on sustainability and meeting daily challenges.

What do you do as a dam engineering expert?

-At Fortum we are responsible for a large number of dams around the country. In my role I have a helicopter perspective which helps me ensure the dams are in good shape. I look for things like stability and leakage. We verify and ensure on a regular basis that the dams maintain high standards of safety, we document risk levels, conduct analysis and provide proposals for measures and priorities. You could say that I’m a generalist in a narrow area; my expertise is in fields like geology, hydrology, mechanics and concrete, but I also need to be able to work with and handle different types of people. It’s a challenging and enjoyable job that never stops.

How do you work with sustainability?

-Sustainable solutions are a key aspect of Fortum’s strategy so I really get to be part of a bigger context here. Hydropower is the most important energy source in the Nordic region. One of the biggest advantages is that the electricity produced doesn’t result in any carbon dioxide emissions or other greenhouse gases. Hydropower also has a key role to play in the big power system because it helps to create a balance between production and consumption.

What about your team?

-There are ten of us from Finland and Sweden who work, for example, as quality and development managers, dam engineering experts and measurement engineers. It’s a well-balanced group with a great team spirit.​