Harri Sipola, Production Optimising Engineer


Nimi:Harri Sipola
Title: Manager Intraday Trading
Education: Engineer, Electrical Engineering
Works at Fortum because: I’m interested in working with electricity production and trading. I’m happy to be part of a company that also focuses on producing CO2-free energy such as hydropower and nuclear power.​

Tell us about your career at Fortum

“After I graduated I got a summer job at the Oulujoki hydropower plant, working with electrical installation. After the summer I continued as an operation controller in the control room. Before long I was also working on various development projects alongside my three-shift job. In 2010 operation control was combined with physical electricity trading and I moved to Keilaniemi to work with production optimisation. This past year I was given responsibility for the hydropower operation process. Recently, I started working with spot trading as well, which means that I plan the next day's power production and arrange to sell it on the spot market of the Nord Pool electricity exchange. But process development is still my main responsibility. I’m also involved in hydropower operation control and I step in to work shifts as needed.”

What do you enjoy most about your work?

 “I like the diversity and the variety of my work the best. I can impact and improve both process development and my own competencies. The atmosphere in our work community is encouraging and open.” 

How is Fortum as an employer?

“Fortum is a big, modern energy company that is also a significant social actor and a role model in the industry. The focus on CO2-free production is important to me. The global scope of the company’s operations means that there are many kinds of career opportunities for anyone interested in new challenges. Fortum encourages career development by supporting job rotation.