"Fortum takes good care of its employees"

Sofia Diakhaté  

Sofia Diakhaté

Title: Business Development Manager
Education: M.Sc. Economics and Business Administration (Information and Service Management & CEMS MIM), Helsinki School of Economics
Works at Fortum because: Fortum is a big, solid Finnish company that also offers international career opportunities.The energy business is facing radical changes, which means both new opportunities and new types of challenges. I want to play a part in impacting the direction of the energy business.​

Sofia Diakhaté works at the New Business unit, developing solutions that improve energy efficiency. Her interesting and diverse assignments, the working environment and the leisure activities offered by her employer all make working at Fortum enjoyable for Sofia. 

Tell us about your work

“The focus of my work is identifying, developing and launching new products and services. The work is really versatile and includes things like idea generation, development and project management. Our team is responsible for the overall so-called ‘idea to market’ process, but we engage many people in different parts of the company in the process. I work a lot with different Fortum people because the end-customers of our projects are usually internal. When a product or service is ready, they assume responsibility for its operation and for generating growth.”

Give us an example of what you do

“Last year we developed a solar kit for consumers. With the technology we deliver, consumers can produce solar power for their own needs and if they produce more than they need, they can sell the surplus to Fortum. Our unit is also responsible for developing, selling and operating charging equipment for electric cars and other electric vehicles. The team spirit is excellent. We co-create and celebrate our successes together.”

How do you maintain a work-life balance?

“In my opinion Fortum's attitude towards work is a healthy one. You are given responsibility and you work hard, but you’re not expected to work around the clock. Employees are offered a variety of leisure activities. Work is more fun when you can, for example, attend yoga or fitness boxing classes or go for a run with your colleagues. It also makes it easy to get to know people from different parts of the company."