Stefan Øsby, Head of Network Operations

Stefan Osby  


Stefan Øsby

Title: Head of Network Operations, Norway
Education: MSc. Electrical Engineering, NTNU Trondheim.
Works at Fortum because: Even as a child my interest in and curiosity for energy and electricity was big. At Fortum I get to work with my greatest interest in an industry of the future.​

​Stefan Østby started his Fortum career as a technical operator about ten years ago. Now he is Head of Network Operations responsible for a team of more than 30 employees. During his time at Fortum, Stefan has witnessed a company in transition. Today Fortum is focusing on sustainable energy. Employees with skills in areas such as engineering and IT are in demand.

Tell us about your career at Fortum

“My education is in electrical power engineering and I felt that Fortum was just the right company for me. I started my career as a technical operator which included dealing with disruptions and monitoring our grids. Over the years I’ve been given more responsibility and because I'm an eager and curious person, my hard work has paid off. Today, I manage 32 employees at Fortum Network Operations. I'm responsible for building and improving our business and I also serve as preparedness manager for grid disruptions caused by things like storms or other weather conditions.”

How is your leadership style?

“I believe in communicative leadership and I try to be present and focus on each of my team members. It’s important for everyone to feel that they are an important part of our team and that they can contribute  their expertise.  Fortum invests in its managers; I get both leadership training and support from my managers. My job is challenging and it feels good to have the right tools and support in order to succeed.”

What is the best thing about your job?

“I get to work with problem solving and people in a company focusing on sustainability. Society depends on us to do a good job, which is motivating and inspiring. We invest heavily in our grids and it feels good to be able to offer our customers superior service.”