"I’ve always been given new challenges"

Wince Wong 

Wince Wong
Title: Chef Systemoptimering
Education: Business Administration with a focus in IT, Stockholm University and Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
Works at Fortum b​ecause:I’ve always been given new challenges and had managers who have supported my growth.​

Wince Wong started her Fortum career as a trainee in hydropower.Today she is responsible for the financial trading business area. Her years with the company have been filled with new challenges and the internal job market has given her a big network of contacts and extensive knowledge of Fortum’s operations. Wince is proud of being part of a company where respect for the individual and a sustainability focus are high up on the agenda.


You have worked for Fortum over 15 years.Talk about your career.

“I started as a trainee working at that time as a physical trader, which meant I worked with planning our hydro and nuclear power production. Since then I’ve worked as a business controller, market analyst and head of financial trading. It’s been an exciting internal career journey and I’ve always felt supported and encouraged by my colleagues and managers. But I wasn’t served these opportunities on a silver platter; I’ve been committed and I’ve worked hard to grow and develop.”

What does your work involve?

“In my department we work with physical and financial trading in Fortum’s electricity production. My job involves coordinating our process and project portfolio and I work closely with the department’s team leaders. We evaluate, review improvement proposals and prioritise activities that will give us the best return and then we implement them.” 

What’s the best thing about Fortum?

“My career path within the company has been full of challenges and I’ve had the privilege of working with really talented colleagues – that’s inspiring and has helped me develop. Also, the entire energy sector is an incredibly exciting future-oriented industry. I’m particularly proud of working for a company where the focus of our activities is sustainability. For me that means respect for our planet and future generations.”