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Nuclear plant 

Nuclear Power

Nuclear power production produces minimal CO2 emissions which means it plays a crucial role in counteracting climate change. Did you know, for example, that greenhouse gas emissions are even lower than in the production of wind, hydro or solar energy? Operating a nuclear power plant requires extensive technical expertise, rigorous safety regulations and ongoing supervision. 


New Business

At Fortum New Business we work to create things that make life better for people today and for future generations. This department works with smart grids, smart buildings, infrastructure for charging electric cars and solar panels. One of the positions here is Business Developer.   

electricity sales 

Electricity Sales and Marketing (ESM)

Fortum is one of the leading electricity sales companies in the Nordic electricity market. Here, we market and sell electricity produced without CO2 emissions to 1.3 million private and business customers in Sweden, Finland and Norway. Our goal is to be the natural choice of electricity supplier for customers in the Nordic market. At ESM you can work as a sales manager, product manager, portfolio manager, forecasting manager or business controller.

energy trading

Energy Trading

Our EnergyTrading department is involved in the short-term and long-term planning for Fortum’s electricity production. This business area is also responsible for managing and supervising our hydropower operations. Within the EnergyTrading business area you can work, for example, as a production optimiser, trading and portfolio manager or portfolio risk manager. 


Combined heat and power production


Fortum is a pioneer in combined heat and power production (CHP) and has invested substantially in expanding production in the Stockholm. CHP provides around 10 percent of the world’s supply of electricity and has significant global growth potential. It’s a very efficient way to produce district heating and electricity because it’s produced from the same fuel. In Fortum’s CHP business area you can work as a plant operations technician or a plant operations engineer.

hydro power

Hydro Power

The benefits of hydropower are numerous; among other things, it’s a clean and renewable form of energy and it’s reliable. At Fortum we have many talented specialists working to optimise our production processes. Here you will have the opportunity to work alongside dam engineering experts, generator engineers/specialists, service technicians and project engineer.

wind power

Sun, Wind and Wave


The solar economy is Fortum’s vision for a sustainable future energy system. The energy system for a solar economy is flexible and effective. Solar energy can be captured in many different ways, either directly as solar electricity or solar heat, or indirectly as hydropower, wave power, wind power, bioenergy or geothermal energy.

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