People in control room

Development opportunities

​Working actively with sustainable development is our passion. An essential factor in achieving success is ensuring that all of our employees are constantly developing. We all need to improve our skills to ensure we can continue to focus on creating a cleaner world.

Our goal is for all of our employees to have an individual development plan. Competence development is monitored and documented every year. The direction of that development is up to the individual, but with the right amount of drive and commitment, you have every opportunity to grow and soar in your career. 

Your unique career path​

Talented and motivated employees are part of Fortum’s success. Depending on your areas of competence and interest you can choose either specialist or managerial career. In our various job families we have identified the needed set of knowledge, experience and competencies to guide your development. You can succeed in your unique career path  by being active in your development and by seeking the opportunities for new experiences in the areas of interest to you. Our annual performance and development process provides the framework for you in your development.

We strongly believe that increasing your responsibilities or moving from job or assignment to another is one of the best ways to accelerate personal development and to increase the agility and competitiveness of our company. You can find new opportunities through our internal job market. 

Focus on job rotation  

Since we work throughout the energy chain, there are many opportunities for career development, both as a specialist and as a leader. It is common at Fortum for people to switch to different assignments and areas of responsibility within their division or move to a different division and work with similar challenges. Job rotation here is both horizontal and vertical. Every year we offer hundreds of internal job rotation opportunities for our employees.

Work abroad 

Our operations reach across many countries and, whatever job you do, you will have a chance to work abroad on either long or short assignments. International exchange provides a valuable experience which benefits you and Fortum as a company.​​​​​​