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Reward and Retain

​Fortum's rewarding package consists of tangible monetary rewards, such as base salary, short-, and long-term incentives and benefits. It also includes intangible non-monetary rewards, like growth opportunities, leadership, work environment, possibility to influence and work-life balance.
The rewarding package includes competitive base salary. The salary level reflects the individual performance and the requirements of the position as well as specified competence demands. The aim is to attract, commit and retain key resources in all countries where Fortum operates.
In addition to a base salary, relevant benefits and short-term and long-term incentive schemes are also offered. High performance is rewarded accordingly through a Fortum-wide bonus scheme. The bonus is based on clear, measurable targets that are aligned with the company strategy. The targets are agreed mutually in biannual structured performance and development discussions, which enable all Fortum employees to influence their rewards through excellent performance.