Code of Conduct

We engage with communities all over the world on a daily basis. This inevitably involves encountering and respecting different cultures and different ways of doing business. It is crucial that we apply the same ethical standards wherever we operate. This is where our Code of Conduct comes in.

Our revised Code of Conduct is deeply rooted in our shared corporate values: Accountability, Creativity, Respect and Honesty. These values form the ethical basis for all our work at Fortum. We must not allow anything to compromise our accountability and our absolute commitment to honest and ethical business practises.

Employees are encouraged to contact their supervisors, company management or Corporate Internal Audit if they suspect misconduct or noncompliance. All compliance concerns raised at Fortum are reviewed in accordance with an established process.

Fortum’s updated Code of Conduct was implemented in the autumn of 2015 (the original was launched in 2007) and is published in ten languages. This Code of Conduct has been approved by the Board of Directors. 

​Raise a concern
Raise a concern - link to the English form
Susirūpinimo reiškimas – Lithuanian
Rapportere en bekymring – Norwegian
Zgłaszanie naruszeń – Polish
Сообщить о проблеме – Russian
​Description of the data protection (pdf 32 kB)