Collaboration partners

Fortum participates in several national and international energy-sector and sustainability organisations. The list below includes the most significant of these. In addition, Fortum has joined several joint business initiatives promoting market driven energy and climate policy.

International collaboration partners

Fortum is involved in the following organisations and funds:

  • Eurelectric is the sector association which represents the common interests of the whole electricity industry at pan-European level.

  • Euroheat & Power is the international association of district heating and cooling.

  • Foratom is the trade association for the nuclear energy industry in Europe. Its main purpose is to promote the use of nuclear energy in Europe by representing the interests of this industrial sector.

  • RECS International (Renewable Energy Certificate System): Within the framework of this organisation, Fortum is working with 90 other, mainly European, companies to prepare rules and a system for the international trade of renewable energy certificates.

  • World Bank's Prototype Carbon Fund (PCF): Fortum is a shareholder in this fund, which invests in CO2-reducing joint implementation projects in Eastern Europe and in clean development mechanism projects in developing countries. The emissions reductions achieved by the PCF are distributed to shareholders according to their share of ownership.

  • Bettercoal is an organisation that aims for continuous improvement in responsible operations in the coal supply chain.

  • World Energy Council (WEC): Fortum is a member of WEC via the national committees in Finland and Sweden.

  • COGEN Europe promotes development of Combine Heat and Power, CHP production in Europe and globally.

  • International Energy Agency, IEA, is an autonomous organisation which works to ensure reliable, affordable and clean energy for its 28 member countries. Fortum is a collaborator.

  • Confederation of European Waste to Energy Plants (CEWEP) is the association of the owners and operators of Waste to Energy Plants, representing 394 Waste to Energy Plants from 18 European countries.

Finnish collaboration partners

Swedish collaboration partners 

  • Svensk Energi is the Swedish power producers' branch organisation.

  • Svensk Fjärrvärme is the Swedish district heat producers’ organisation.

  • Elforsk: is the electricity-sector research organisation in Sweden.

  • Energiforsk: is the energy-sector research organisation about heat and cooling in Sweden.

  • Swedish Energy Agency: Fortum has representatives in the Agency’s development programmes.

  • Svenskt Näringsliv: Fortum has representatives in different committees.

Norwegian collaboration partners

Baltics collaboration partners 

  • Eesti Jõujaamade ja Kaugkütte Ühing (Estonian Power and Heat Association) is the interest organisation for the district heating industry in Estonia.

  • Eesti Taastuvenergia Koda (Estonian Renewable Energy Association) contributes to the wider deployment of renewable energy in Estonia and sets a long-term goal of full transition to renewable sources of energy in Estonia.

  • Latvijas siltumuzņēmumu asociācija (Latvian heating company association) is the branch organisation for the Latvian district heating sector.

  • The Foreign Investors’ Counsil in Latvia (FICIL) is a non-governmental organisation that brings together the largest companies from various countries and sectors that have made significant investments in Latvia, as well as ten countries Chambers of Commerce in Latvia.

Polish collaboration partners

French collaboration partners

Russian collaboration partners

Indian collaboration partners