Public Affairs

The Public Affairs team’s main task is to be aware of current and upcoming energy-related policy and legislation in the EU and in all countries where Fortum operates. This information is brought into the company's strategic and business decisions. As experts of the energy industry we, on the other hand, take part in consultations and provide authorities with constructive suggestions forming the basis of legislative proposals. We engage in an active dialogue with authorities and decision-makers about key issues in the energy sector.

Our code of conduct

Fortum’s Code of Conduct establishes the foundation for our way of operating in all countries where we do business. Without exception, all Fortum employees are expected to comply with the Code of Conduct, the laws and regulations guiding our operations and the Group policies, principles and guidelines. The anti-corruption and anti-bribery principle is included in our Code of Conduct for suppliers of goods and services.

As an active corporate citizen, Fortum offers expert advice to decision makers and non-governmental organisations in energy-related issues. Fortum as a company does not support, directly or indirectly, any political parties or other political organisations. Nor does it participate in the financing of the election campaign of any single candidate.

Our stakeholders

We interact with millions of people in different ways through our businesses in our main market areas in the Nordic countries, the Baltic countries, Russia and Poland. According to our Sustainability Policy, we want to develop our operations in cooperation with our stakeholders. Open, honest and proactive communication and listening to our stakeholders are of key importance when targeting our strategic aim of becoming the energy supplier of choice.​​​​​