Fortum’s focus in Latvia is on district heating and energy production as well as on heat distribution and sales to 16,000 households in Jelgava.

Fortum has been operating in Latvia since 2007. The company has served as the district heating operator in Jelgava, the fourth largest city in Latvia, since 2008. It is in charge of district heating production, distribution and sales as well as maintenance and operations of plants and the district heating network. In Jelgava, Fortum provides district heating to some 16,000 households as well as 400 business customers, including state and municipal institutions and companies. Fortum sells electricity produced in the CHP plants on the wholesale market in cooperation with the largest power traders in Latvia.

We have a biomass CHP plant and a gas CHP plant in Jelgava. To provide customers with safe, efficient and environmentally friendly district heating at a competitive price, Fortum uses mainly woodchips as fuel, as they are a local renewable resource. The CHP plant commissioned in 2013 is the first large-scale biomass CHP unit in Latvia and provides as much as 85% of the heat necessary for Jelgava’s district heating.

We have some 78 employees in Latvia.


Fortum's power plants in Latvia

Jelgava CHP plant