Social Security

​As the recipient is not in an employment relationship with the body issuing the scholarship, the scholarship does not entitle the recipient to social security provided by an employment relationship. The student must take care of his/her pension insurance payments, life- and sickness insurances as well as other liabilities towards the employer.  The amount of the scholarship exceeding the amount of the state's artist grants, ca EUR 19 728,90 annually (for 2013), is liable to taxation. MyEL application is available in

Recipients of grants or scholarships who live in Finland are obligated to insure themselves with the Farmers' Social Insurance Institution if they work uninterruptedly for at least four months with a grant or scholarship awarded from Finland. In addition the scholarship should be at least equal to the minimal MYEL income level (1238,43 €) when converted into MYEL income (3715,29 €). The recipient's pension security is defined based on the confirmed MYEL income, in the same way as an agricultural entrepreneur. Sickness Allowance is paid according MYEL. MYEL starts to pay allowance on 4 th working day after first sick day. In the case of an accident, allowance is paid from second sickness day if the inability to works continues more than three consecutive days.

It is also possible to work abroad using the scholarship, subject to certain conditions. The law concerning the application of social security law based on accommodation is to change so that those ensured with MYEL may remain covered by Finnish social security legislation for ten years while working abroad. If the person wants to have Finnish social security in abroad, please contact Finnish Centre for Pension ( before leaving abroad. If you will stay outside EU / EEA, you should also contact The Social insurance Institute of Finland ( If you stay within Europe, it would be beneficial to get social security card, which enables healthy care within EU. More information in

The recipient is to pay on average 14% of the amount of the MYEL -insured scholarship in statutory insurance payments.