​The recipient attests that the information given in the scholarship application is correct and that s/he has not left any information requested unanswered. S/he commits to carrying out the project as presented in the application and to following the documented instructions on the Fortum Foundation's internet webpages and also to inform the foundation without delay if the work financed by the scholarship is fully or partly terminated for one month or more or changed in relation to the submitted research plan. In such cases, payment of the scholarship will cease. If the interruption to work lasts for over a year, the share of the scholarship not paid because of the interruption will be cancelled. If the scholarship student does not submit a new notification of continuation of the work, the scholarship will be terminated and the Foundation holds the right to reimburse the already paid amount from the scholarship student.

If it emerges that information influencing the awarding of the scholarship is falsified, concealed or the scholarship has not been used in full for the purpose mentioned in the application, or the scholarship report has not been carried out within the allocated period, the body granting the scholarship has the right to recover the scholarship in part or in full.

The student commits to taking care of his/her pension insurance payments, life- and sickness insurances as well as other liabilities towards the employer. 

The recipient gives permission for the awarding party to publish the recipient's name, the amount issued and its purpose in its magazine or on its website.