Types of Scholarships

B1. Theses relating to undergraduate studies

A personal scholarship can be awarded for undergraduate studies (M.Sc. or similar) relating to the foundation's operating field, carried out at a university or technical university in Finland.  The amount of the scholarship is EUR 8,000. The scholarship is paid in two instalments, the first instalment, EUR 6,000, is paid on the starting date of your choice, and the second instalment, EUR 2,000, is paid when you have presented proof of thesis and the approved completion of the degree in question to the Foundation.

B2. Post-graduate studies

A personal scholarship for graduate studies in Finland or abroad can be awarded if the work is in line with the Foundation's objectives and the applicant has finished his/her undergraduate work, and the purpose of the graduate studies is to complete either a licentiate or a doctoral degree. The scholarship is meant for full-time post-graduate study. The annual scholarship amount for study taking place in Finland is EUR 18,000. For those carrying out post-graduate studies abroad, the post-graduate scholarship can also include travel and accommodation expenses in accordance with estimated costs presented in the application.

The Foundation can award a B2 scholarship for a maximum of three years for a licentiate degree and for a maximum of four years for a doctoral degree Post-graduate scholarships are paid once a month in instalments of EUR 1,500 over 12 months starting from the date of your choice. For multi-annual scholarships, a new payment year begins once the foundation has approved a report written by the recipient on the progress of the report. The post-graduate scholarship's payment for the last two months (EUR 3,000) will be paid when you have presented a doctoral thesis and proof of the achievement of the academic degree which was the target of the studies. In addition to the annual EUR 18,000 basic scholarship, the applicant may also apply for a grant to cover other costs (e.g., travel and equipment). These other expenses are paid as a one-time instalment.

In connection with a scholarship for graduates (B2), it is possible to apply for a grant to cover general expenses caused to the institute allowing the use of the work site and equipment, the amount of which is a maximum of 20% of the approved personal scholarship.  A letter of permission for the work to be carried out at a certain institute, signed by the head of the institute in question, must be attached to the application. Money to cover overhead expenses is paid directly to the institute's account in a single installment.

Recipients of B2 scholarships lasting over 6 months can be granted additional money to cover sickness, accident and life insurance (c. EUR 219 /year). Insurance protection can be applied for with the attached application form (below). Also read the attached insurance cover letter.

Application Form for Additional Grant and Letter of Authorization (xlsx 72 kB)

B3. Other personal scholarships

A personal scholarship paid in a single instalment for the implementation of an individual project related to the foundation's industry. An individual project relating to the foundation's industry could be, for example, a conference trip relating to the publication of research results. The amount of the scholarship is not limited in detail, but for undergraduate studies it is to be less than the amount of B1 scholarships, and for post-graduate studies it should be less than the amount of B2 scholarships. The same applicant may not simultaneously apply for more than one type of scholarship for the same work.

Application to the Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG), University of Cambridge

EPRG - Fortum Foundation scholarship shall be granted to one person who shall be either a doctoral student under process of writing his/hers doctoral thesis or post-gratuated PhD. The work should be within the focus areas of Fortum Foundation and also be interesting for EPRG. The maximum scholarship sum is 30.000 euros and it is granted for 12 months. The scholarship will be paid monthly. EPRG and Fortum Foundation will do a joint decision on the fellowship award. For more information about EPRG and its research activities please visit: http://www.eprg.group.cam.ac.uk/ EPRG's visiting requirements can be found: http://www.eprg.group.cam.ac.uk/category/for-research-visitors/