​Electricity sales and new solutions

We sell electricity directly to customers in Finland, Sweden and Norway. At the end of the year, we had 1.3 million electricity customers.

The currently low electricity price and new technological solutions change the expectations customers have towards their electricity company. We respond to these expectations by offering customers an opportunity to control, manage and boost the efficiency of their electricity consumption. In recent years we have introduced several new services that improve energy efficiency.

Services for heat customers

We supply heat to millions of people in seven countries. In 2015 we continued significant investments in bio- and waste-fuelled combined heat and power production and in heat pumps in the Baltic Rim countries.

In addition to power plant investments, we actively developed new ways to produce energy. The bio-oil plant integrated with the Joensuu combined heat and power plant is the first of its kind on an industrial scale worldwide. The first export batch of bio-oil was delivered to Sweden, where it was tested at E.ON’s Karlshamn power plant. Based on the test combustion performed at Karlshamn, bio-oil can replace heavy fuel oil also in bigger power plants.

A heat pump station utilising waste heat from wastewater was commissioned in Suomenoja, Espoo. The heat pump solution significantly reduces emissions from district heat production in Espoo by replacing fossil fuels with recovered waste heat. As much as 15% of the district heat demand in Espoo can be met with heat pumps.

A geothermal production pilot project was launched with St1 in Espoo. The plant will be placed on Fortum’s Otaniemi heat plant plot, where test drillings were performed in 2015.  Fortum will buy the thermal energy produced by the plant for the Espoo district heat network; it is estimated that it could cover as much as 10% of the district heat demand in the Espoo area.

We want to promote also active customer participation in heat market operations and the opportunities to have an impact on their heating solutions and consumption. 

An open district heat network offers our customers the opportunity to sell surplus heat back to the district heat network. Data centres, grocery stores, hospitals and our other similar customers that produce surplus heat can significantly improve their energy efficiency with an open district heat network.

We are already working with data centres in Stockholm and Espoo, and offering cost-efficient solutions for the cooling of data centres and utilising the waste heat. Espoo’s new hospital as well as the expansion of the North Karelia Central Hospital in Joensuu will also connect to the open district heat network.

An open district heat pilot was launched also in Tartu, Estonia, and a district cooling network was built.

Expert services

We offer a variety of operation and maintenance expert services to power plants and industrial customers. Our services and tools help our customers to boost the operational and maintenance efficiency of their plants and increase profitability. Additionally, we offer products and consulting services related to hydropower, nuclear safety and nuclear waste handling.