​The media is actively following Fortum’s operations particularly in the Nordic countries, because we are one of the major listed companies in Finland and one of the biggest energy-sector players also in Sweden. In Finland, the State’s majority ownership increases the media’s and the general public’s interest in the company.

Laws and regulations governing the communications of publicly listed companies set the framework for our communications. As a company listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki, we follow the rules and recommendations of the Helsinki stock exchange. Furthermore, we follow the regulations set forth in the Finnish Companies Act, the Finnish Securities Markets Act and other relevant laws as well as the regulations and guidelines of the Financial Supervision Authority (FSA) in Finland. Fortum also observes the European union’s recommendations set forth for publicly listed companies.

We communicate openly, equally and proactively to ensure that also through the media our stakeholder groups receive sufficient information about decisions and factors that can, for instance, materially impact Fortum’s share price. By communicating actively and consistently we also want to increase knowledge about the company’s strategy and business.

We engage in a continuous dialogue with the media at the press conferences, press visits, other visits, and by giving interviews and responding to daily media contacts.

In 2016, we focused on communicating the new strategy, that was published in February. We continued strengthening our crisis communication preparedness, and  we participated in the Loviisa nuclear power plant's annual emergency exercise. We continued developing our multichannel communications. We organized local media events in all countries where we operate.